Thursday, March 3, 2011

Freezer Cooking!!

I joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago.  I'm so tired of being overweight, and decided that THIS WAS IT.  So to that end, I've been looking at freezer cooking a bit harder recently, because I like the idea of being able to portion things out properly while I'm not rushing around for dinner, and then I can just pop the meals in the microwave or in the oven, or whatever. 

So my BFF and I were at Red Robin last week, and we decided that we were going to start doing freezer cooking, she hates cooking for 1, and wants some variety, and I need the portion control that it gives me.  If I'm giving her half, then I know that I only have 3-4 servings.  So that's what we're doing on Sunday.  We're going to make Mexican Casserole, German Style chicken, and Tex Mex Chicken Rollups.  I'm also making Vegetable Lasagna with Gruyere cheese, since next week Lent begins.  We shall see how it goes, I did a decent stock up this morning, purchased $20 worth of meat, and got about 20 meals out of that.  I've already portioned them out for the family.  I'm going to purchase more this weekend, because we'll need it for this weekend.  I also want to help with the portioning with CB, so that she can buy a huge thing of meat, and it'll be good for her.