Monday, February 7, 2011

Mozzarella cheese

I've been thinking about making cheese- my sister in law has made cheese in the past, but she made it in a crockpot, and I'm just not into that for some reason.  Anyway, I was reading a magazine today, and they were talking about making fresh mozzarella cheese!  WHA??  I'd never heard of that, and I immediately thought that it'd be too hard.  But the pictures were crazy easy, and I found a place that sells mozzarella cheese curds via the internet.  So I'll be purchasing some here soon to try to make some.  I will post pictures when I do it.  I'm so excited about making it- that means we'll have fresh, homemade caprese salads/sandwiches/pizza this summer!  :)  We're growing our own basil, tomatoes, and then we'll make our own cheese!  Whoo!!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, its as easy as it looks! Stay clear of the ultra-pasteurized milk or you'll have what I call mozza-ricotta which is pretty tasty but not quite mozzarella.
    if you need supplies check out, they have a nice 30 minute mozzarella kit that I used when I first tried making it.
    I'm looking forward to your pics :)