Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have you ever....?

heard that a book was SO AWESOME that you just had to read it?  So you went to the library, checked it out, and started to read it...and was so incredibly bored you had to stop reading after 50 pages?  Well, I am a VORACIOUS reader- seriously to the tune of 8 books a week, and it's honestly only happened a few times with me.  The New Moon Series (sorry, tween girls who might be reading this blog!), the Clan of the Cave Bear Series, Eat Pray Love (oh my GOD, I don't think I made it past page 15!) and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I have no idea why on the last one, I was recommended it, with all the back to basics stuff I'm working on.  But I checked it out 3x from the library, and COULD NOT get past Chapter 2.  Maybe because I don't like Barbara Kingsolver's tone when she writes.  I'm a Biology nerd- I can't deal with flowery extra words.  Which looking back, might be why I hate the previous books! 

I've been reading some other books that I can deal with in terms of language.  Radical Homemakers and The Backyard Homestead are just two of them that I'm currently in love with.  I cannot wait until we're in a house of our own, so that we can implement some of my ideas. 

Speaking of houses, one of my favorites came back on the market.  They want a lot more than what the old owner was asking- the prior owner was trying a short sale, and it didn't work.  Now it's just on the market.  I'm still leaning toward it, but it's got no land, and it's in an HOA, so not at all what we were looking for.


  1. on the house, I would hold out for a bit of land...we did the HOA, no land bit on our last house and we just really wanted more. We did however manage to put in 3 raised beds and two apple trees that made it more tolerable but we missed the country.

  2. Melody- That's what we're leaning toward as well. I definitely think I've been in an apartment for so long, I'm just jonesing for my own place!