Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reading a book....

called The Joy of Raising Chickens.   It's really good, and giving a lot of information that I didn't think about, but at the same time, knew.  What I'm finding awesome is that the author gives a ton of information about the different breeds, which is great- and what I need to know.  Hubs and I have talked about it, and we've decided that we should go with one animal per acre, so that we don't overload the land, when we actually get some.  So chickens are defintely going to be first, and then bees will be on the second acre.  Little man wants rabbits, which I think would be cool, if for nothing else, we can make our own fiber- which would be awesome!  :) 

Work is going really well, I'm hoping to hear that I'm permanent there soon.  I'm also hoping that I get another job I applied for, which will allow us to bump up our payments on debt, and save money for an actual vacation this year!  Hubs actually brought up Disney this year, which I'm SO excited about! 

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