Monday, January 24, 2011

Awful weekend

I shouldn't say that, but we had Sicky McSickerson move into the house this weekend.  Boy child started puking before dinner, and didn't stop until Saturday afternoon.  Ugh!  On the bright side of that, we threw a lot of stuff out this weekend.  Boy child slept most of Saturday and Sunday, so after he stopped puking, we could actually get stuff done around the house! 

I've been having lots of arguments with myself about a house.  I've always been the one to have to have a basement.  But, there's this one house on almost 8 acres, for a reasonable price, but it's a modular.  I've told hubs that if we bought it, we'd immediately be saving to build another house.  My whole feeling is that I could deal with it for a little while, but am I getting so caught up in the house fever that I'm not making a good choice for us (and me?)

I borrowed The Pioneer Woman Cooks from the library.  I liked it so much, I ordered it off of Barnes and Noble this morning.  :)  I am such a cookbook freak- I own over 200, and keep buying/swapping for more!  Junior League Cookbooks are my downfall.  I own close to 100 of them- from all over the country.  And when we go on vacation, I always end up picking up more from used book stores. 

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