Monday, November 22, 2010

Recycling and other dirty things....

I am a huge fan of recycling.  We recycle almost everything- we live in an apartment right now, but we recycle what we can.  My parents also help us recycle by saving their aluminum cans, and we take them to the local recycle place to turn in for a bit of extra cash.  So today, our 55 gallon bin was full, and I decided to take our cans in.  I ended up having 13 lbs of cans, and we still will be getting more- we still have almost 2 full cases of pop around the house!  It sure looks nice though on our back balcony- it actually looks clean! You can recycle for cash in your neighborhood as well- simply google recycling for cash, and see what comes up!  It's a great way to make a bit of extra money as well!  We put our $7 that we got today in our house fund, but some people save it for vacations, or every couple of months they will take the family out to dinner or something else that everyone enjoys!  It's also great for getting out and getting some exercise!  Take a plastic bag (great re-use for all those plastic bags if you're not using reuseables yet!), and go on a walk with the family!  Collect cans as you go through your neighborhood!  Yes, definitely take plastic gloves with you!!  And we put each bag into our 55 gallon garbage can, and when it's full, we take it in!  If you've got young kids too, let them get into it, and help- allow them to wear sneakers and then smush the cans to fit more in each bag! 

We also save our paper to donate to our local school or church (whichever one we feel like taking the paper to!)  This is awesome- it gives the school/church money, and it allows us to recycle our paper as well!  I remember going to a recycling place when we were kids, and having our entire back of our station wagon filled with paper.  They don't do that anymore, or at least I can't find a place that pays for paper recycling.  It was just a lot of trouble, so I don't mind donating for a good cause!

The only things I don't recycle yet are plastics.  And as we get closer to getting a house, we will start looking into recycling those plastics.  Right now, it's just not feasible, in terms of space.  Unfortunately. 

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